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September 05

sake stuff friday: growing koji

Here is a quick video on koji growing and what it means to Sake.

August 29

Sake stuff friday: old style Fune (sake press)

during my spring trip to Japan, I took this video to show an old style wooden Sake press. I forgot I had the video so now for Sake stuff friday I’m digging it out of the archives to share! Enjoy.

June 27

koji follow-up

While waiting for our first test batch to finish, I had an amazing opportunity to do some analysis on the Koji I grew. Normally this would be very difficult but I have friends in very geeky places! I called my friend Dr. Benjamin Wolfe at the Harvard microbiology labs. Not just any microbiologist, Benjamin studies […]

June 06

sake stuff friday: masu

May 05

koji – the soul of sake

growing koji is thought of as the first and most important step in the sake brewing process.

March 26

a new beginning.

Coming off a long absence is never easy. A lot can be said for momentum; staying in the groove. However, an absence can also be a time to reflect and regroup, getting ready for the next step. That is what I have been doing since my last post.

August 29

last minute chance to help fund a sake film. the birth of sake.

The whole Sake community has been tweeting, emailing, posting to blogs, and shouting from the roof tops – please help fund a unique chance for NYC film maker Erik Shirai to film a documentary film at Tedorigawa Sake brewery! With only 3 days left and just under 30% funding to go, now is the chance […]

August 26

sake and nomi sugi. september 11 2013. cambridge brewing co.

The fall brings with it cool, crisp nights that we all enjoy. It is during this time that our drinking and food choices start to change, not quite to rich winter foods, but to earthier and heavier food and drink to pair with the weather. Seasonal Sake choices are no different; heavier, earthy Sake at […]

July 01

brewery fresh sake on draft. cambridge brewing co.

It feels like it was a long time ago when we were outside on the Cambridge Brewing Company patio with a slew of equipment and four twenty gallon kettles belching steam into the cold air. Our third annual batch of Sake at the CBC had begun. Most of this Sake was for our annual Sake/beer […]

June 12

defining sake/beer.

Readers of this blog likely know that I am involved in brewing a Sake/Beer hybrid, which is now in its third year, at the Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC). The Head Brewer at the CBC, Will Meyers, and I decided early on that this project would be a true collaboration and would involve just as much […]