March 26

a new beginning.

A lot can be said for momentum. Staying in the groove. However, an absence can also be a time to reflect, regroup, and get ready for the next step. That is what I have been doing since my last post.


I started this blog with the intention of bringing my love for Sake to the Boston scene and with hopes of helping people see Sake in a new light. No longer just poured hot with sushi, premium Sake is just as complex and enjoyable as any fine wine or masterfully crafted beer. The reaction in the Boston area has been wonderful and exciting: folks celebrate Sake with burgers and tacos, buy more and more Sake at the Craft Beer Cellar and elsewhere, and are increasingly enthusiastic for our Sake/beer hybrid at the Cambridge Brewing Company. People are definitely opening up to Sake. Now my focus has shifted away from merely writing; it’s time to put my brewing experience to the test, get my hands dirty, and start making Sake.

Over the coming months this blog will serve as a place for my business partner Dan and I to chronicle the ups and downs of getting a licensed Sake brewery off the ground in the Boston area. We already have the space, most of the equipment, and are working on the exhaustive paperwork required to run a brewery. Stay tuned for updates on equipment, research trips, test batches, and the overall crazy ride that this new endeavor will undoubtedly be.

Raise your next glass of Sake to us and wish us luck. Kampai!