August 29

last minute chance to help fund a sake film. the birth of sake.

The whole Sake community has been tweeting, emailing, posting to blogs, and shouting from the roof tops – please help fund a unique chance for NYC film maker Erik Shirai to film a documentary film at Tedorigawa Sake brewery!

With only 3 days left and just under 30% funding to go, now is the chance to help this amazing film get made. The money would be used to film some additional scenes, post production, music, and some legal fees. From the film maker:

“To complete the film, we need to film additional scenes in Japan. We would like to film Toji-san with Yoshida-san in Toji-san’s hometown of Noto Japan, where he farms rice during the off season.  A few of the co-workers from the brewery also live nearby and it would be interesting to film their relationship outside of the brewery. We would also want to get Toji-san’s wife’s perspective: How does she feel about having her husband away for six months every year? We also need to film the critical scene of the workers coming back to the brewery at the beginning of the sake season in late October to complete the full circle of the Sake brewing season.”

tedorigawaSo please follow the links to Kickstarter and help fund this unique look into the world of traditional Sake brewing.

The Birth of Sake Video

The Birth of Sake – Kickstarter