Recommended Sake Links

There are a number of other Sake blogs and websites that do a great job of classifying Sake brands, listing favorite Sakes, and detailing the history and stories about Sake in general. My mission is not to duplicate the works of others; not only would that not benefit the Sake fans of Boston but it would also serve to invalidate the hard work of other passionate Sake lovers.

Below is a list of Sake resources that I have found invaluable in the past. Please note that I have not listed any of the Japanese language based resources given that this blog focuses on Sake in Boston.

General Sake Information: : The portal into the vast knowledge base that is John Gauntner. John is the most well known non-Japanese expert on Sake information, tasting and history. His website holds a huge amount of knowledge on all things Sake. He is also the author of 5 books, a blog and numerous educational materials. John, and some other beverage professionals, have recently started the Sake Education Council; arguably the best English language source for Sake education courses and certification. :  A basic but thorough website from the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association. The website’s English side has some great diagrams on Sake brewing and a newly added PDF library of Sake related documents. Worth a look. : The English homepage for Kikusui Sake, brewed in Niigata. This site not only talks about their delicious Sake but has the best English language content on Sake history as well.

Sake Brewing: : This 92 page book written in 1881 by R.W. Atkinson of the University of Tokyo constitutes the best English language source of Sake brewing knowledge on the web. Although this book is over 100 years old, the science and processes of brewing haven’t change that much. A great read. : This website is a faithful reproduction of Fred Ekhardt’s 1992 book on Sake home brewing. The blog is much easier to use than the book and even has some original content based on Bob Taylor’s Sake home brewing experience.

Sake sites in other cities:
Seattle –
New York –
Chicago –
Shizuoka Japan –
San Francisco –
Vancouver –
Sapporo Japan –
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North American Breweries:
Seattle, WA –
Minneapolis, MN –
Austin, TX –
Toronto, ON –
Vancouver, BC –
Richmond, BC –
Forrest Grove, OR –
Folsom, CA –
Hollister, CA –
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