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March 09

give credit where credit is due.

Just like the last two, this spring will see the release of Banryu-Ichi, the Sake/beer hybrid that I have the pleasure of brewing with my friends at the Cambridge Brewing Company. Before we can craft that unique hybrid, we first need to brew a batch of Sake that will yield roughly 80 gallons of finished […]

May 22

don’t forget the big guys. a short interview with gekkeikan.

I must start this post with an apology: I contacted the fine folks at Sydney Frank Importing in December for an interview, then proceeded to get side-tracked with the brewing of our Sake/Beer hybrid and other projects. I remembered the information that they provided just recently; this post is made possible by the work that […]

May 04

sake beer hybrids talk. craft brewers conference 2012

The brave souls who are here to drink Sake at 8:30am! Let’s get started!

April 19

sake + beer. banryu ichi 2012

I try to be a constant evangelist for the enjoyment of Sake. It is an easy job given that Sake is a very delicious beverage; however, working in the craft beer industry I tend to┬ácommunicate Sake flavors and attributes through a beer-colored lens. Sake is in essence a beer: it is made from grain; it […]

April 02

brewing (and chewing) the origins of sake.

Squish, squish, squish….splat. The unflattering sound of chewing and spitting countless mouthfuls of brown rice is getting odd looks from my wife and daughter. There is no getting around the sound and no way of subtly sitting there chewing grain and spitting it into a 3000 ml pyrex beaker that wouldn’t get some weird looks. […]

August 31

where beer meets sake. interview with patrick rue (the bruery) sam calgione (dogfish head).

Sake has largely been the purview of the wine industry here in the states. Possibly this is due to the fact that it has an alcohol level that was closer to wine when it was starting to become a popular import in the early 80’s. However with the explosion of Craft Beer in the U.S. […]