The Mission:
The Sake scene in Boston is in a bit of a vicious circle. Distributors and importers are putting few resources toward developing Sake in Boston because the market isn’t as strong as other markets (i.e. NYC, Chicago, LA etc.). However, with less education and Sake based events drinkers who might choose Sake are not doing so. Less resources = less sales=less resources and so on. This Blog will serve as a grass roots source for Sake information in and around Boston – it will touch on points as diverse as buying and enjoying Sake, brewing Sake, Sake history, Sake related food and other Sake stories. Our intention is to be Boston-centric but occasionally we will travel far and wide to report on Sake happenings and unique stories.

About Me:
My love affair with Sake started when I was given my first glass of premium Sake in, of all things, a coffee mug. I had just arrived in Japan and was getting ready to spend a year as a sword-making apprentice – this everyday vessel held Sake the likes of which I have never tasted; hints of spice, tropical fruits, rice and cucumber swirled on my palate and I was hooked. Over the next 3 years I discovered a vast universe of Sake profiles, all made from rice but no two the same. After returning from Japan I quickly discovered that the array of Sake that I so enjoyed there was no where to be found here, and if I did happen across a familiar brewery’s wares the Sake was usually very old and tired.

Already a beer home brewer and now employed by the craft beer industry, I armed myself with Sake brewing textbooks from Japan and a good dictionary, and set myself to the task of brewing delicious Sake. With some study trips to breweries in Japan and a lot of patience I have learned more than I ever thought possible about Sake brewing and drinking, and the hard working people that make all of this possible. I hope that you will tune in to http://www.bostonsake.com and share the rest of this journey with me.

More About Sake or Sake in Boston:
If you need any additional help or have questions, comments, and suggestions please don’t hesitate to use the contact page on this blog.