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January 17

the year of the dragon.

A big hello to all my blog readers in this new year~! This year has certainly started off at a very busy pace and unfortunately the blog hasn’t been keeping up with the pace of the dragon. Recently I was asked to write a post on the Mutual Trading Co.’s blog for their amazing Japanese Culinary Center in […]

December 28

sake dinner. january 30 2012. red lantern boston ma.

There is a very cool looking Sake dinner at the end of January at Red Lantern in Boston. The pan-asian menu highlights some some really nice Sake all paired with an interesting array of food from raw fish to Uni to steak. It looks like there are a limited number of tickets to purchase from […]

November 28

sake dinner. december 5 2011. om cambridge.

If you have never attended a Sake event or dinner, then now is your chance! Next week at OM in Cambridge there will be a really great introduction to Sake and food pairings. This Sake dinner will offer 5 courses paired with some delicious Sake: First Course: Hamachi, Green Apple, Sweet Maui Onions & Wasabi […]

November 18

sake in my pocket #2. staff meal. boston ma.

The last installment of Sake in my pocket saw the pairing of canned Sake with a great local food truck food. This week’s post tackles another great food truck but instead of cans, I am using cup Sake. For those out there who have never encountered cup Sake, it is a method of packaging a […]

November 01

sake in my pocket #1. pennypacker’s food truck. south boston waterfront.

Unless you live in a cave with no internet, you are aware of the current food truck craze going on in the U.S. With its early epicenters in L.A., Portland Oregon and NYC, high quality food trucks can now be found in every metropolitan area and a few trucks in places more out of the […]

October 27

joy of sake. new york 2011. recap.

Every year I make sure to check out as many Sake events as I can, but I make it a point never to miss the Joy of Sake tasting in NYC every fall. This event presents over 300 Sake and a variety of food from well known New York restaurants. Working in the beer world, […]

September 13

cooking with sake #1. david drew. cambridge brewing company.

When thinking of Sake and food pairings, your mind might jump to Japanese food: mainly sushi. The idea that Sake is a beverage only to enjoyed with sushi could not be further from the truth; this complex drink goes well with many different cuisines and flavors. To highlight this, I will be working with Boston-area […]

July 25

beginner’s sake tasting for 20 bucks.

Writing a blog like this you could easily price some people out of the experience; it would be simple to pair some $30/Lb steaks with an $80 bottle of Sake and have a really great time doing it! Although I am not excluding such exercises, I also wanted to include some experiences at a much […]