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October 18

yakitori and sake – a perfect pairing

Drink Sake and eat sushi. This is where the idea of Sake and food pairing ends for most people. In this country this ironclad pairing has as much to do with distribution channels as it does with complimentary flavors.  Meanwhile for others sushi-Sake pairings are verboten, because they claim that sushi and Sake aren’t eaten […]

September 30

south of the border for sake day!

Tomorrow is International Sake Day, when people all over the world drink and celebrate the long history of Sake brewing. This year we are celebrating this auspicious day in a slightly unusual place – Lone Star Taco Bar! Starting tonight (September 30th), Lone Star is celebrating Sake Day with the addition of three delicious Sake […]

September 04

night of kikusui photos.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of conducting a sushi and Sake tasting at Osushi in Back Bay. It was a wonderful evening filled with interesting people, great Kikusui Sake, and delicious food from Osushi. Luckily my friend Mike was there to take some amazing photos that deftly illustrate how much fun we […]

August 13

sake tasting and talk. august 16 2013. osushi boston.

This Friday at Osushi in Back Bay I am participating in a great little Sake tasting and lecture featuring Sake from Niigata’s own Kikusui Brewery. Founded in 1881, Kikusui has risen from humble beginnings to be one of the most respected Sake breweries in Japan. We are tasting five varieties of their Sake as well as some […]

March 27

sake dinner. kitchen on common. belmont ma.

Many people think of only pairing Sake with sushi; however, people are realizing that Sake pairs well with many foods. You can find nice small Sake selections on French menus and at Mexican restaurants. More people are experimenting with Sake and casual foods like pizza and burgers. Last fall, we got together with the Japan […]

August 17

sake + burger night. recap.

Sake and burgers. It seemed like a obvious pairing to me, but to others, it was unheard of. The idea behind Monday’s event was to show Sake in a new light and to give people a new experience with Sake. We certainly achieved that! Before this post goes further, I must thank the 105 people who came to Tasty […]

August 06

mondays aren’t all bad.

I have been fortunate to have many dedicated readers visit my blog in the year since I created it. It has been immensely gratifying to know that there are so many who share my passion for Sake here in the Boston area. To thank all of you dedicated readers, I am offering a special code to […]

August 03

sake and burger night. august 13 2012. boston.

Does Sake seem too mysterious to learn about? Are you not really a big fan of sushi? Haven’t been to Fenway recently because the Sox are .500? Well now is your chance to put all of that aside and enjoy yourself! The Japan Society of Boston,, Kikusui Sake, and Tasty Burger have gotten together […]

March 28

sake and food pairing at kihachi.columbus oh.

Kihachi – Columbus OH, a set on Flickr. Sometimes as Americans, who are busy and constantly connected to friends all over the world via devices in our pockets, we need reminding of just how large and diverse our country is. As someone who used to live in Japan, I sometimes need reminding that large coastal […]

February 14

sake+chocolate. a many splendored thing.

It’s Valentine’s Day and all across America many people are struggling to buy the right gift for their loved ones. Chocolate is a must but what else could you pick up to make the night extra special? You have to ask….? Pairing Sake with chocolate is not a common practice but as we have seen […]