November 28

sake dinner. december 5 2011. om cambridge.

If you have never attended a Sake event or dinner, then now is your chance! Next week at OM in Cambridge there will be a really great introduction to Sake and food pairings. This Sake dinner will offer 5 courses paired with some delicious Sake:

First Course:

Hamachi, Green Apple, Sweet Maui Onions & Wasabi Oil
Paired with the Murai Family Tokubetsu Honjozo

Second Course
Smoked Ham Hock Congee & Pork Belly
Paired with the Shirakabegura ‘White Label’ Tokubetsu Junmai

Third Course
Chorizo Crusted Bass, Melted Endive
Paired with the Watari Bune ‘Ferry Boat’ Junmai Ginjo 

Fourth Course
Twice Cooked Beef Cheek Rendang
Paired with the Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto

Fifth Course
Beignets & Sauces
Paired with the Hou Houshu Sparkling Sake

Even though the event is nowhere to be found on their website, I have confirmed the dinner is on the 5th and judging by the menu, this will be a good night.

OM Cambridge 

Passionate Foodie