August 01

sake stuff friday: custom printed sake cans

Chabara in Akihabara

July 25

sake stuff friday: canned sake

July 11

sake stuff friday: cup sake

July 04

sake stuff friday: warm sake

June 27

koji follow-up

While waiting for our first test batch to finish, I had an amazing opportunity to do some analysis on the Koji I grew. Normally this would be very difficult but I have friends in very geeky places! I called my friend Dr. Benjamin Wolfe at the Harvard microbiology labs. Not just any microbiologist, Benjamin studies […]

June 27

sake stuff friday: modern tokkuri

June 20

sake stuff friday: tokkuri

June 13

sake stuff friday: kikichoko

June 06

sake stuff friday: masu

May 05

koji – the soul of sake

growing koji is thought of as the first and most important step in the sake brewing process.