October 10

sake stuff friday: water

posting some photos with our filtration set-up in the background caused some readers to ask questions about water and its role in Sake brewing – here is a short video on the subject.

October 03

sake stuff Friday: tenugui

sorry for the length of this video, I just love tenugui that much! It is interesting to note that this is the first one of these videos that I have ever edited or added photos to, easier than I thought to do. Enjoy.  

September 26

sake stuff friday: sake shopping

Last week after the Joy of Sake I went Sake shopping at Mitsuwa and talked a little about the experience. Don’t be afraid or intimidated, go buy an amazing bottle of Sake today.

September 12

Sake stuff friday: a real sake store

In this country we have a long road of Sake education to go before a lot of retailers are carrying and caring for a wide range of good Sake. However, on my last trip to Japan I went into a Sake shop in Niigata; land of 93 (or so) breweries. This is what I found.

September 05

sake stuff friday: growing koji

Here is a quick video on koji growing and what it means to Sake.

August 29

Sake stuff friday: old style Fune (sake press)

during my spring trip to Japan, I took this video to show an old style wooden Sake press. I forgot I had the video so now for Sake stuff friday I’m digging it out of the archives to share! Enjoy.

August 22

sake stuff friday: periodicals

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August 15

sake stuff friday: cups, cups, cups…

August 08

sake stuff friday: birds!

August 01

sake stuff friday: custom printed sake cans

Chabara in Akihabara