image March 27

sake stuff friday: color in sake

I was filtering some small batch Sake today and I realized that Sake, which is often depicted as clear and pure, is never really that. It is true, you can use lots of charcoal filtration to strip out color but real Sake has color from a variety of sources.  

image January 16

new year and otoso

Celebrating the new year with the traditional spiced Sake, o-toso.

image December 26

sake stuff friday: shinkame shuzo & rethinking warm sake

A few weeks ago I was extremely lucky to spend time with a visiting Sake Brewery owner/brewer; Mr. Ogawahara from Shinkame Shuzo in Saitama. Mr. Ogawahara was in Boston to investigate the possibility of selling his Sake in the U.S. The challenge for him is that his Sake has to be served properly warmed. His […]

image November 21

sake stuff friday: fune press for homebrewers

I get a lot of questions from homebrewers about the best way to separate the solids from the finished Sake in moromi. We needed to build a small press here for R/D purposes and I found it relatively easy and great to use. I hope this helps some of you in your homebrewing Sake adventures!

image October 24

sake stuff friday: shikomi haigo (仕込み配合)

I’m asked a lot about how to make Sake batch recipes. Here is a video on that subject which should help get you started on understanding how a batch of Sake is constructed. For an link to a standard Shikomi Haigo for Sake, click here:  

image October 17

sake stuff friday: ponshukan

If you ever get a chance to go to Japan, don’t miss a trip to Niigata; with 93 breweries and great food it should be toward the top of any travel list. Check out this amazing local food and Sake emporium right in the train station! Ponshukan.

image October 10

sake stuff friday: water

posting some photos with our filtration set-up in the background caused some readers to ask questions about water and its role in Sake brewing – here is a short video on the subject.

Tenugui head October 03

sake stuff Friday: tenugui

sorry for the length of this video, I just love tenugui that much! It is interesting to note that this is the first one of these videos that I have ever edited or added photos to, easier than I thought to do. Enjoy.  

image September 26

sake stuff friday: sake shopping

Last week after the Joy of Sake I went Sake shopping at Mitsuwa and talked a little about the experience. Don’t be afraid or intimidated, go buy an amazing bottle of Sake today.

image September 12

Sake stuff friday: a real sake store

In this country we have a long road of Sake education to go before a lot of retailers are carrying and caring for a wide range of good Sake. However, on my last trip to Japan I went into a Sake shop in Niigata; land of 93 (or so) breweries. This is what I found.