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September 29

Sake Day Is Coming + A New Brewery

Thursday is Sake Day! If you’d like to know how to celebrate this Japanese holiday, here are a few tips: Read The Passionate Foodie’s recent post all about Sake Day.  If you’re in the MetroWest area, swing by Dion’s in Natick, Newton, or Waltham and pick up a few sake from the selection I curated–all […]

January 16

new year and otoso

Celebrating the new year with the traditional spiced Sake, o-toso.

December 26

sake stuff friday: shinkame shuzo & rethinking warm sake

A few weeks ago I was extremely lucky to spend time with a visiting Sake Brewery owner/brewer; Mr. Ogawahara from Shinkame Shuzo in Saitama. Mr. Ogawahara was in Boston to investigate the possibility of selling his Sake in the U.S. The challenge for him is that his Sake has to be served properly warmed. His […]

October 17

sake stuff friday: ponshukan

If you ever get a chance to go to Japan, don’t miss a trip to Niigata; with 93 breweries and great food it should be toward the top of any travel list. Check out this amazing local food and Sake emporium right in the train station! Ponshukan.

August 15

sake stuff friday: cups, cups, cups…

August 08

sake stuff friday: birds!

July 25

sake stuff friday: canned sake

July 11

sake stuff friday: cup sake

July 04

sake stuff friday: warm sake

June 27

sake stuff friday: modern tokkuri