July 27

august 2012 brings brewers and tastings to eastern massachusetts.

If you are anything like me, then you are struggling to remember where the summer went. It seems like yesterday that I was excited about the prospect of summer Sake events and now we are looking at August and the cooler nights and shorter days of fall.

Next week the Boston area is getting a visit from 2 brewery owners and a Sake brewer who make some wonderful Sake. All of their Sake are handled by Joto Sake in NYC. Joto is nice enough to share them for 3 days with us! These owners will be:

  • Saito Kotaro – owner of Saiya Shuzoten, the makers of the light, soft and fruity Yuki No Bosha Sake.
  • Kato Kodai – brewer at Fuji Shuzo, makers of the light, silky and dry Eiko Fuji Sake.
  • Tomita Yasunobu – owner of Tomita shuzo, makers of the earthy, mushroomy and delightfully Koji forward Shichi Hon Yari Sake.

The three events will be in different areas and will all feature some wonderful hors d’oeuvre paired with these lovely Sake poured by the owners and brewers themselves. I have listed the events and dates below, please call to confirm before travelling.