October 27

sake tasting.october 27 2011.brix on broad boston.

I just received an email from Brix wine shop on Broad St in Boston. It seems like they are having a Sake tasting tonight from 5:00pm to 7pm!
They will be tasting:

  • Kikusui Funaguchi Honjozo
  • Rihaku “Wandering Poet” Junmai Ginjo
  • Tentaka Kuni “Hawk in the Heavens” Junmai
  • Konteki “Pearls of Simplicity” Junmai Daiginjo
  • Komachi Sparkling Nigori
These are some really tasty Sake mostly from Vine Connections; an importer that focuses on Argentinia and California wine, and very nice Sake. If you work near the financial district and can get down there at rush hour, make sure to stop by and try all of these amazing Sake.