October 06

live webcast from the saijo sake festival.

For those who are new to Sake and Japan, there are a few areas that are well known for Sake and one of the most famous is undoubtedly Saijo. Settled in the mountains near the city of Hiroshima, this area with pristine water has been making Sake since 1650. Literally a “Sake Town”, Saijo has nine breweries clustered around the wells that bring the clean water to the surface. From Saijo Sake; “Saijo’s very best water is concentrated in a very narrow strip of land. That’s why most of the area’s 9 sake breweries were established in a very small section of Saijo. It’s not hard to find; just look for the traditional black-and-white sake breweries with tall brick chimneys, packed together in one neighborhood.”

This Saturday is the Saijo Sake Festival, essentially an “open house” for all 9 breweries and a celebration of all things Sake. For most of us, we are not going to be in Hiroshima for this great event but thanks to Katsuyuki Ueno and his JapanExp project, we can tune in on the web. I posed a few questions to Mr. Ueno to learn more about this project.

BOS : How and why did you start YokosoNews?

KU : “JapanExp project started in 2008 with the concepts of “Explorer, Express and Export Japan”. YokosoNews is one of the projects and launched in 2010. Yokoso means “welcome” in Japanese. We want to provide any info that welcome people to Japan, such as travel, lifestyle, work, culture and entertainment. If you would like to know more detail, you can watch my “looong” video HERE.

BOS : What can viewers expect when they tune in to the Saijo Sake Fest?

KU : “It’s going to be very casual live cast. I want viewers to feel “authentic” or feel-like-being-there as much as possible as they were with us.”

BOSHave Sake/food programs been popular on YokosoNews?

KU : “Food programs are popular, especially Japanese curry rice. The secret mission of YokosoNews is to “brainwash” the people to love Japanese curry all over the world 🙂 YokosoNews’ intent is to be true social media; if more people want Sake content they just have to ask. We’re also welcoming contributing social writers to give us content. Please like YokosoNews on facebook or follow YokosoNews on twitter and give us your feedback. That determines how our content will develop.”

For links and a timetable for when this English language webcast will be on in your area, head on over to JapanExp. When the Saijo Sake Festival is over, make sure to bookmark YokosoNews as your source for English language news and events from Japan!