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September 30

日本酒の日 2011.

本日は日本酒の日です。日本全国の蔵人たちのためにビデオメッセージを作りました。おめでとうございます。 ** Flash 出来ない人は **

sake day. a brief explanation.

October 1st is Sake Day, a Japanese holiday that is now being celebrated around the world. Inspired by the old style of paper storytelling called kamishibai, I made a short video explaining the placement of this special day on October 1st. ** iPhone/iPad users without Flash**

September 27

october 1st 2011. celebrate sake day.umami brookline.

I just received an exciting email from the folks over at Umami Asian Bistro in Brookline. In celebration of Sake Day – October 1st, they are having some special Sake inspired treats for members of the Boston Sommelier Society and the United States Bartender’s Guild (USBG). If you are a drinks professional in either of these […]

September 22

sip+bite+slurp nyc

I already posted about the well attended Joy of Sake event in NYC on October 21st. Now there is a new event hosted by the Mutual Trading Company, the country’s largest importer of Japanese food and alcohol. The aptly named Sip+Bite+Slurp is going to be a great event featuring Japanese sake, shochu, craft beers and specialty Japanese regional […]

September 09

ty-ku tasting. winchester wine and spirits.winchester ma.

Tonight there is apparently a Ty-Ku tasting at Winchester Wine and Spirits. For those not familiar with Ty-Ku, it is an Asian inspired spirits and Sake brand that has been doing a very visible job of branding 3 varieties of Sake, a Shochu (Soju) and an Asian ingredients forward liqueur. From their website: The current TY […]

August 24

joy of sake nyc is on.

There is a lot of talk about there not being a Joy of Sake event this year in NYC. For those of you who have never been; the Joy of Sake is the largest Sake tasting outside of Japan. Last year’s event had over 250 Sake and food from some great NYC restaurants. For those […]

July 18

sake tasting.cambridge.july 19th 2011.

This Tuesday night from 5 to 7pm there is a Sake tasting at Central Bottle wine and provisions in Cambridge. The tasting will sample Sake from Ichishima Brewery in Niigata and will be lead by Ichishima’s U.S. representative, and general Sake bon vivant, Michael Simkin. Central Bottle Wine+Provisions Ichishima Brewery