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September 26

sake stuff friday: sake shopping

Last week after the Joy of Sake I went Sake shopping at Mitsuwa and talked a little about the experience. Don’t be afraid or intimidated, go buy an amazing bottle of Sake today.

September 12

Sake stuff friday: a real sake store

In this country we have a long road of Sake education to go before a lot of retailers are carrying and caring for a wide range of good Sake. However, on my last trip to Japan I went into a Sake shop in Niigata; land of 93 (or so) breweries. This is what I found.

August 01

sake stuff friday: custom printed sake cans

Chabara in Akihabara

August 02

want to buy great sake? go to the beer store.

I was overjoyed when Suzanne and Kate, the owners of the Craft Beer Cellar, contacted me to curate a Sake list for their stores. Craft Beer Cellar boasts over 1000 beers with a clear focus on local New England brews. It isn’t just the selection of great brews that make this store the go-to destination […]

November 21

cheers to 40 years for kikusui funaguchi

July 20

buying fresh sake in boston.

Sake, like any other grain based brewed alcohol, has a shelf life. Luckily alcoholic beverages do not traditionally “go bad” like milk or orange juice; but the time for the Sake to taste how the brewer intended it to is most assuredly finite. Here in Boston it is not uncommon to find some dusty bottles lining shelves […]