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aory1.jpg June 27

koji follow-up

While waiting for our first test batch to finish, I had an amazing opportunity to do some analysis on the Koji I grew. Normally this would be very difficult but I have friends in very geeky places! I called my friend Dr. Benjamin Wolfe at the Harvard microbiology labs. Not just any microbiologist, Benjamin studies […]

modern tokkuri June 27

sake stuff friday: modern tokkuri

titanium June 20

sake stuff friday: tokkuri

kiki June 13

sake stuff friday: kikichoko

Masu.JPG June 06

sake stuff friday: masu

20140528-233533-84933134.jpg May 05

koji – the soul of sake

growing koji is thought of as the first and most important step in the sake brewing process.

toolz March 26

a new beginning.

Coming off a long absence is never easy. A lot can be said for momentum; staying in the groove. However, an absence can also be a time to reflect and regroup, getting ready for the next step. That is what I have been doing since my last post.

9697911970_36b73696ca_c October 18

yakitori and sake – a perfect pairing

Drink Sake and eat sushi. This is where the idea of Sake and food pairing ends for most people. In this country this ironclad pairing has as much to do with distribution channels as it does with complimentary flavors.  Meanwhile for others sushi-Sake pairings are verboten, because they claim that sushi and Sake aren’t eaten […]

10003036686_63a58b840e_h September 30

south of the border for sake day!

Tomorrow is International Sake Day, when people all over the world drink and celebrate the long history of Sake brewing. This year we are celebrating this auspicious day in a slightly unusual place – Lone Star Taco Bar! Starting tonight (September 30th), Lone Star is celebrating Sake Day with the addition of three delicious Sake […]

fa16c49faf29444b839daf263a222c8c_7 September 04

special japan society pre-tapping event!

Taste our Junmai Nama Genshu Sake and Nomi Sugi 1 day early! Join the Japan Society of Boston for an exclusive night of tasting our Junmai Nama Genshu and Nomi Sugi; our Sake/beer hybrid aged on Japanese Sugi wood. Space is limited so buy your ticket now!